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Finishing Services

Our Finishing Services Include:

- Longarm stitching
- Edge binding Service
- Quilt Back preparation 

On most quilts, when the finished quilting is completed, you shouldn’t know Longarm stitching is there . . . at least, not at the beginning. If you’re looking at the quilt top after it is finished, the pattern and thread color of the finished quilt should subtly enhance it and not be the focal point. As your eye scans the quilt top and a few moments go by, you will undoubtedly start to notice the subtle patterns created by the stitching and how the color of the thread brightens or contrasts with the colors already in the top.

It is challenging to find just the right finishing pattern and colors to complete a quilt. For our finishing team at Top To Bottom Quilting, this process begins when we see your quilt for the very first time. I listen to your ideas and then we collaborate to determine the best design to finish your quilt in the perfect way.  

After our initial meeting, we will continue to think about the design we have discussed. As we are putting your quilt on the machine, if something inspires us other than the original design we agreed to, we will call you and review our ideas. Whatever decision you make at this point will become the final design. 

Once the quilt is pinned on the machine, and the stitching begins, your masterpiece is only a few hours away from being completed. Our finishing services include binding the quilt if you choose for us to complete the edging for you.

Long Arm Area

Longarm Closeup