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Free* Face Mask Assembly Instructions Download
First read the Important Note Below.  By clicking on the button below, you are automatically agreeing with the Terms and Conditions.

Important note:  The Face mask assembly instructions are provided free of charge as a public service during this time we are fighting the COVID 19 (Corona Virus) Pandemic.  There is no implied or expressed warranty or guarantee that this face mask design provides protection against this virus or any other virus, germs, or infections. The instructions provided for material choices are based on the CDC guidelines to use a tightly woven 100% Cotton fabric for construction of a face mask.  Do not use a loosely woven fabric (like gaze) for construction of a face mask.

Do not use this face mask design if you do not believe it follows CDC or other health care guidelines for face masks.  Use at your own risk.   Frequent cleaning with soap and water are required to maintain the mask in a safe, wearable condition.

* Supplies and material must be purchased separately.  Assembly is required.

By clicking on the link below, you automatically agree to the Terms and Conditions described above.Click here to download face mask instructions